Cast A Vote That Really Matters: Why Local Elections Count

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

We are in the midst of one of the most important presidential elections of our lifetimes.

We also will be voting for two seats on the San Mateo City Council this November.

Why are local elections important and why should you vote all the way down the ballot?

1. Much of what we deal with every day is decided at the local level.

  • Do we have a safe, welcoming community?

  • Is there sufficient affordable housing?

  • What’s being done to prevent traffic gridlock?

  • Do our basic services --- garbage collection, road repair, etc. --- work?

  • Are local businesses supported?

  • How are we protecting our open spaces and our climate?

2. Your vote determines the people who make critical decisions for our City.

  • City Council sets our strategic plan and budget and appoints our City Manager.  This determines what our City stands for and how our tax dollars are spent. 

  • San Mateo’s 2020-2021 annual budget is $262.3 million.

  • Due to the COVID-19 hit to revenues, the City faces a $7.8 million projected annual deficit.

  • City Council is responsible for ensuring a strong fiscal foundation for our City under all conditions.

3. YOU have the opportunity to make a real impact at the local level.

  • Help decide how we create the affordable housing we need.

  • Petition your Council Members on behalf of your neighborhood.

  • Participate in our General Plan 2040 to help guide the kind of city San Mateo becomes.

4. Local and state governments are incubators for change.

  • Women’s suffrage, minimum wage, environmental protection and LGBTQ rights all began at the local and state level.

  • We are having a City and nationwide discussion on creating racial equity.  The decisions our City Council makes on this important issue could impact many aspects of our daily lives.

5. Because you can.

  • The right to vote is the greatest power you have, and a luxury that many people around the world don’t enjoy.  Use your power.  As a former president said, “Don’t boo. Vote.”

I am running for San Mateo City Council to be the independent and accountable voice of all of our neighborhoods and local businesses to ensure your priorities inform Council’s decisions and San Mateo’s future. 

As you know campaigns take money, even City Council campaigns. We are underway with our grassroots campaigning, but we need funds for printing lawn signs, creating digital ads, making phone calls, and printing and mailing postcards. SO, that means I really need YOU to help me get elected. 

Please Donate Now

To win, we need all voices to make San Mateo the city we want it to be.  Contribute your ideas.  Volunteer for my campaign.  Get your friends and family involved. 


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