Election Day Approaching

Excerpt from https://www.smdailyjournal.com/opinion/columnists/election-day-approaching/article_dcb52ac8-e27e-11ea-a013-53dfeef62c5f.html

AS SPOCK WOULD SAY, ‘FASCINATING’: At the San Mateo County Community College District, Dave Mandelkern, an incumbent running against colleague Maurice Goodman, posted this heartfelt message on his campaign website: “In order to win this election I am going to need to garner 50,000-60,000 votes on Election Day. … At a typical cost-per-vote of $1.50-$2, that would suggest that I will need to raise $75,000-$120,000 to run a successful campaign.” Why, how calculating. … In Belmont, incumbents Tom McCune and Davina Hurt are being challenged by firefighter Ken Loo and by Pat Cuviello, the husband of Deniz Bolbol, who ran in 2018 and finished fourth in a race for three seats. She lost by nearly 2,000 votes, which is a lot in a town the size of Belmont. He says in his candidate statement that he’s a veteran free speech advocate who has been arrested several times. Yes, often in skirmishes with circus workers over animal rights. … The race for two seats on the San Mateo City Council has three strong candidates: Incumbent Diane Papan, appointed incumbent Amourence Lee and Lisa Diaz Nash, who unsuccessfully sought the appointment that went to Lee. There may be plenty of real issues to address here, but a recent social media attack accuses Lee of raising racial tension in the city, rhetoric that does no one any good. The same author complains he is “sick and tired of people new to our city (who) preach to use that we don’t have a long-term systemic problem with race.” Well, if the shoe fits. … In San Bruno, there are five candidates running for two seats, including incumbent Michael Salazar, retired managing director Stephen Seymour, Planning Commissioner Tom Hamilton, research associate/microbiologist Jeremy Sarnecky and Realtor Stephan Marshall, the latter the brother of Millbrae Councilwoman Anne Oliva.

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