Small Biz Auction Success!

What a wonderful time we had on Sunday, June 28th, at our Small Business Online Auction! Together, we celebrated San Mateo small businesses and raised $6,550 in immediate recovery support for these small businesses as well as for our campaign as part of our ongoing small business advocacy efforts.

Our award-winning singer-comedian host, Lauren Mayer, kept us up to date on where the bidding wars were breaking out and even sang us one of her latest songs on the foibles of this particular political moment. Chef Dave gave us a virtual tour of his outdoor pizza kitchen. Kim Pagnotti shared her tips on training virtually during a pandemic. We laughed, sang, and indulged in quite a lot of "friendly" competitive bidding.

I want to thank everyone who joined me and my amazing Small Business Online Auction team - Marni Rubin, Tom Surrette, Zoe McKay, Mary Nash, Jeanie Bunker. I am running for San Mateo City Council to be the independent representative of all of San Mateo's neighborhoods and local businesses. I believe that by bringing our community together and listening long and hard to people, we can find the answers to all of the problems that face us. We can solve "unsolvable" problems, we can unlock untapped potential. We need all that problem-solving energy right now to help our community, and our small businesses, rebound stronger than ever.

So, if you're excited like me, please join us on our campaign. Volunteer to hold a virtual gathering of your neighbors to meet me; write postcards; make calls; share my story on social media; endorse me; send an email about me to 10 friends; put a sign in your front yard; donate, help me distribute literature. Any way you'd like to help, we'd love to have you!

On behalf of the 30+ San Mateo small businesses you helped, on behalf of my great team, thank you for supporting my campaign for San Mateo City Council. With your help, we'll keep up our outreach for the next 119 days, growing stronger every day right through November 3rd and Election Night!

In gratitude,


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