Why You Need to Vote and How!

One of our greatest privileges as citizens of this country is the right to vote. Make sure you are exercising your right as a way to get your voice heard. Fortunately, the City of San Mateo makes this very accessible.

Check out this page https://www.cityofsanmateo.org/4354/November-3-2020-Presidential-Election for anything you need to know about the election. It includes information on the ways to vote, voting locations, city council candidates, the propositions on the ballot and all important links for the election. Make sure to look at the map on the same page to see all voting locations in San Mateo.

The first step is to make sure you are registered to vote, or to check your voter registration to make sure it's accurate and up to date. You can check at https://www.smcacre.org/am-i-registered-vote. Next, sign up for the ballot tracker at https://california.ballottrax.net/voter/. With this, you can track your ballot through the entire voting process and receive automated alerts on the status of your ballot! You can also confirm your ballot was received on this page.

If you have not re-registered since 1980, your birth year may not be in the database. Please double check and if your information is not found, please contact the Elections Division at 650-312-5222. Also, if you have moved since the last time you voted, make sure you re-register as well.

Ballots will be mailed out for registered voters the week of October 5, 2020 for the November 3, 2020 Presidential General Election.

Once again, check out this page for any voting information you need https://www.cityofsanmateo.org/4354/November-3-2020-Presidential-Election.

While the national election gets most of the attention, local elections are what affect you most directly. Make sure you take part by voting for your City Council Members and the other propositions on the ballot that impact all citizens of our great city.

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