Meet Lisa


Our family has lived in San Mateo County for nearly 30 years.  After our two daughters grew up, my husband and I moved near downtown San Mateo, drawn to its beauty and unique neighborhoods.  


I was eager to serve my community. I applied and was appointed Vice President of the San Mateo Library Board and Chair of the Measure S Citizens’ Oversight Committee, where I serve today.  I also currently am a Director of San Mateo’s Neighborhood Watch Board and my Baywood homeowners’ association.  Finally, I am Co-Captain of the Peninsula Chapter of Sister District Project, working to engage voters in state legislative races across the country.


I have a rich and diverse heritage.  My mother’s family were pioneers who settled Michigan in the 1830’s.  My father’s family were first generation immigrants from Italy and Spain, by way of Cuba.  I grew up in New Jersey and Peoria, Illinois.  

Photo: Lisa and her husband, Michael, have two daughters, Mary and Sarah, along with their partners, Forrest Mitchell and Bithiah Rosales


After college, I studied Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong and Taiwan and worked in China. I stayed in Asia nine years as an Asia-wide marketing executive with American Express. My husband and I lived in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Sydney, Australia, where the first of our two daughters were born.  


Upon returning to the States, we were recruited to VISA in San Mateo.  I went on to help launch international online trading for Charles Schwab, manage all customer relationships at E*TRADE, lead marketing for the millions of customers on the Yahoo! website and guide Bay Area start-ups. 

Photo: Lisa and her colleague, Michael Musgrave, with senior banking executives at the 1986 American Express Financial Services South Asian Conference


In 2005, I overcame a near-death PG&E accident that made me stronger and taught me deep empathy for people struggling with serious life challenges. That experience reinforced my commitment to working with my community to improve the lives of others, and to act with a sense of urgency to achieve my goals. 

Photo: Scene of Lisa's accident: PG&E electrical transformer explosion, San Francisco Financial District, August 2005


After my accident, acting on my passion for the environment and women’s empowerment, I led a global clean water and sanitation nonprofit.  Over the next eight years, I’m proud to have helped enable health care, clean water and economic opportunities for over two million people, the majority of whom were women and girls. I continued to be deeply involved in local and national progressive, environmental and women’s issues in order to contribute to my larger community.

Photo: Lisa, Kenyan Clean Water Champion Sabore Ole Oyie, Rudi Dundas at World Affairs Council Water and Sanitation Seminar, February 2015


As a San Mateo City Council Member, I will tap into my 30+ years of experience as a successful business executive, nonprofit CEO and San Mateo civic advocate. I will use what I have learned from San Mateo residents to deliver a better tomorrow for all San Mateans. 


I welcome your input and look forward to being on this exciting journey together! 

Photo: Lisa and San Mateo Neighbors Discussing Ideas To Reduce Traffic Gridlock