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Lisa's Priorities 


San Mateo is now the largest city on the Peninsula.  As we continue to grow, we want to be a diverse, inclusive community made up of unique, thriving neighborhoods, robust businesses and a great quality of life.  We have
many challenges to face, and we must face them together.  I want to be a voice of reason and collaboration on City Council, an advocate for our neighborhoods and a creator of solutions, not divisions.  Please join me!

Affordable Workforce Housing:  We all value an inclusive community that where our workforce and future generations can afford to live. As a Board member of HIP Housing, I’m passionate about this issue—and will take the lead in expanding housing that keeps our workforce local while protecting our unique community character.

Streets, Roads & Traffic: We must maintain our streets and fix potholes now to stay safe and save money in the future. Reducing traffic is a must for our environment and quality of life.

Disaster Preparedness, 911 & School Safety: As the survivor of a horrific PG&E accident, there is nothing more important to me than rapid 911 medical emergency response. I'll also expand collaborations between our City, School District and County to ensure safety at our school sites.

Neighborhood Focus, Regional Leadership:  As your Council Member, I’ll stand up for our neighborhoods and be a voice of reason and collaboration.


Regionally, I’ll champion issues critical to our collective future. For years, I’ve advocated for adequate water supply and access locally and globally– issues more important than ever as California continues to face drought. And as a decades long advocate for women and girls, I’ll be
forceful in the fight to ensure our unique healthcare needs are addressed locally and regionally.

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