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Meet Lisa! Q&A with a HIP Housing Board Member

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

San Mateo local and HIP Housing board member, Lisa Diaz Nash, is a passionate community voice and affordable housing advocate. We sat down with her and her gorgeous doggy, Dolce, to chat about her work with HIP Housing, ambitions as a change-maker, ability to speak with dogs and more!

So, who is Lisa Diaz Nash?

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for about 30 years. We bought our house here, in San Mateo, in 2013. I’m originally from New Jersey and Peoria, Illinois—which are places people sometimes laugh about. But anyhow, I come from the East Coast… After university, I got a scholarship to go out to Asia and study Mandarin Chinese. I went out for nine months and came back nine years later! I lived in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea and Australia.

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